Chemicals & Consumables ~ Allicin

Allicin is a kind of volatile oily matter extraced from the spherical bulb of garlic. It is the mixture of dialyl trisulfide, dialyl disulfide and methyl allyl disulfide. The trisulfide therein exhibits strong inhibitory and disinfection effects on pathogenic microorganism. The disulfide also has certain bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects.

Character of Product
Yellowish powder with strong smell of garlic


  • Bactericidal effects : Allicin has good inhibitory and disinfection effects on escherichia coli, salmonella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa which can cause deseases to husbandry and aquatic animals. Particularly, itis especially effective to enteritis of dairy cow and pork pig, gill rot of grass carp, red skin diseases of fishes.
  • Improving the palatability of feeds: The addition of Allicin can significantly improve the palatability of feeds, thus enhancing the feed intake. The fishes very like the smell of Allicin.
  • Increasing the productivity : The Allicin can improve the feed intake of animals. Moreover, it can prevent several diseases, improve the system functions, enhance the peristalsis of stomach and intestine as well as the secretion of digestive enzymes, and increase the digestion of feeds, thus increasing the produtivity and decreasing the feed cost.

Scope of application
It is applicable for domestic animals, birds, freshwater and seawater fishes, shrimps, crabs, soft-shelled turtles and other special animals in all ages.
Recommended dose (g/t)
100-300 g in feeds for chicken and duck
80-200 g in feeds for pig
150-300 g in feeds for aquatic animals

storage and expiration period
The expiration period of product in original package is 18 months. Keep it ventilative, dry and cool.